How to: Apply Serial Number using Soft Tuner

To apply a Serial Number to a KingSong controller, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure the controller is plugged into the motor hall wire. It will not accept a serial number unless it's plugged into the motor hall wire.
  • Download and install the Soft Tuner app( There may be a version for Apple devices in the App store.
  • Log into the app using the following credentials:
    • User: Euco
    • Pass: Euco***
  • Turn the Kingsong unit/controller on.
  • Connect to the unit with the SoftTuner app via Bluetooth.
  • In the app, there should be a setting called "Assign SN", or something close to it. Go to this option.
  • Here, you can type in your unit's serial number. Select the "Apply to new style" option.
  • At this point you should be able to see the updated serial number reflected in the unit's information tab. If the unit was also not able to locomote due to not having a serial number, that issue should also now be resolved.

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