Inflating your electric unicycle tire

Best Practices For Tire Inflation

Think of your electric unicycle tire like a bicycle tire - that's basically what it is! Tire size depends on the model, but they all use an air-filled tube inside a rubber tire just like a bike. 

What kind of valve is used?

All of our electric unicycle tire tubes use a standard schrader valve for inflation. Smaller air pump valve heads will easily fit, but if you have a bulkier valve head you can always use a valve extension for an easier fit. Keep in mind that not all bent valve tubes are the same, and the wrong angle may not allow for a proper fit or cause clearance issues.

Tire Air Pressure

Keeping your electric unicycle's tire properly inflated makes a big difference in maneuverability, stability, and the longevity of the tube itself. Under inflated tubes are more vulnerable to pinch punctures as a result of any harsh bump or ledge causing the tube to become pinched between the rim and the road. You should should always do a quick tire check before going out for a ride.

Choosing the right tire pressure depends on rider weight and rider preference, but we generally recommend starting at somewhere around 35 psi for riders around 160 lbs. Heavier riders will want to use higher pressure. The tire should retain its shape while standing on the wheel without much flattening or bulge. 

Higher Air Pressure

  • Better range
  • Less prone to flats and tube damage over time
  • More maneuverable and upright stability

Lower Air Pressure (not recommended)

  • More cushion, but prone to tube puncture and damage leading to flats over time
  • Less range
  • Less maneuverable, easier to bank at speed, less lateral stability

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