Why does my wheel feel wobbly?

Because learning to ride an electric unicycle is like learning a brand new skill, it's entirely normal to feel a bit wobbly for the first week or two. Even for quick-learners, it's common for some riders to feel some back and forth wobbling between your legs and feet. 

This phenomena is not necessarily due to any problem with the product - it's simply a matter of getting relaxed and comfortable with your new skill!

Common Reasons For New-Rider Wobble

  • Overly tight leg grip: it's great to have your legs against the wheel, but when you grip too tight with a rigid stance, it can lead to wobbles at higher speeds
  • Stiff and tense posture: Relaxation is your best medicine
  • Wide stance: both feet and legs are not in contact with wheel leading to too much play and low stability

Suggestions To Overcome Wobble

  • RELAX! Loosen your knees, slight bend is good for absorbing shock. 
  • Grip the body of the wheel with your ankles and feet, not your legs. Your feet and ankles are closer to the axle and gripping at this point provides much more stability than gripping tightly with your legs.

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